Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bilingual Fun at LibertyFest!

We just had an exciting weekend as participants in the International section of our community's Liberty Fest. We were invited to join various other multicultural groups as we shared cultural information about Latin America, as well as our Bilingual Fun language program and educational products. It was a great day full of sunshine and excitement. We met so many people and enjoyed sharing information about early language instruction, as well as interacting with the children as they played Bean Bags Color Toss in Spanish, made Ojos de Dios ( Mexican handicraft), colored pictures of various Latin American culture topics for a coloring contest, and had merengue dance lessons!

My husband, children and I love to participate with our company in the community, and having a tent at the International Fest was a fabulous opportunity! The global society that we live in is so diverse, and we love the opportunity to share our cultural experiences, as well as learn about others. We were situated next to the live stage performances and we enjoyed Chinese and Indian dances, as well as a Native American storyteller and a popular Irish band. Next year we look forward to moving our Latin dance lessons to the main stage so that it can be more interactive with a larger group of participants. Participating in the festival gave our family the chance to highlight our company that we have worked so hard on for the past 4 years. We also spoke to many families that have bilingual children or would like to start their children's bilingual development. We were able to give firsthand advice and input about our own family's experiences and how our children learn.

We have a fun filled summer ahead for Bilingual Fun! We will be doing various free events in throughout the local communities, as well as starting a new program, and of course always seeking fun, interactive bilingual activities that we can implement with our own family and share with others. Feel free to comment on any cultural events you have or will be attending this summer!