Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bilingual Fun Spanish Camp

What a great summer we have had at The Bilingual Fun Company. In addition to our regular summer class sessions, we hosted 2 weeks of Spanish Camp! Exhausting, but awesome! Parents dropped their children off daily for 3 hours of immersion activies, songs, games, daily thematic lessons, performances, crafts, and more. One of the highlights was making a piñata from scratch, using un globo. This was an excellent hands on and cultural activity for the children to participate in. On Camp Out Day, we went on a bug hunt " la busqueda de los insectos'. Kids searched outside for strategically hidden plastic bugs. We sorted by mariposas, abejas, gusanos, etc. On our Sports and Dance Day, kids played béisbol, fútbol , bastquetbol, danced to Pájaritos a Volar, the Number Conga, and learned merengue dance steps. It all ended with a culuminating Fiesta with parents joining to see what the kids had learned, breaking the piñata. The kids enjoyed face painting from Lily Picadilly the bilingual payasa! Kids spoke only to her in Spanish, practicing " yo quiero un tigre por favor.... or whatever they wanted. Our Spanish Camp offered us the opportunity to see how quickly and easily young children pick up the language and how rapidly it was absorbed in a play based, natural environment. Just another reinforcement that we love what we are doing and we will continue the path we on our with early language instuction.

Do you know of any good language programs or camps in your area? I would love to hear about your experience.