Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Week's Worth of Great Blogs!

Starting on Monday 3/30, Spanglish Baby will be hosting a week of Mom blogs focusing on learning Spanish and embracing the culture. Bookmark the site for some great reading!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bilingual Fun is now at Borders!

The Bilingual Fun Spanish for Children DVD series is now available at Borders Bookstores in various regions across the country. Bilingual Fun hosts free community events for children at various stores, and we are honored that our own product proudly has a spot on the shelves at Borders. The Spanish for Children DVD series introduces the language to young children through music, movement, visual and oral repetition, and fun activities. Many different phrases and vocabulary are introduced, helping children learn Spanish through fun, easy songs and activities.

It was a family project, as my husband Mark and I worked with a production company, our own children, as well as nieces, and cousins were featured in the films. We are proud to have created a worthwhile teaching tool that teaches kids Spanish and promotes bilingual development. Stay tuned for Volume 3! Check out your local Borders in the children's foreign language section..... maybe you will see our familiar guitarra smiling back at you! You can also purchase the DVD series here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Games to Teach Spanish

Guess Who! Quien es?

This traditional game that has been around for years, is a fantastic game for language reinforcment and easy Spanish practice. The objective is to guess who the ' mystery person' is by asking the opponent questions. You must use adjective and descriptive words to deduct and guess who your opponent has. My kids love this game and we always play several rounds in Spanish. It is a great activity to teach Spanish. My daughter who is a bit more fluent than my son, asks questions such as " tiene pelo rubio, o lleva lentes". My son who has excellent comprehension can easily answer si o no to her descriptive questions. I give my son hints and he is able to ask his own questions, such as ' gorra' o 'es hombre'. Any game that we can adapt for Spanish learning is a worthwhile activity for our family. Our kids love to play games, and Guess Who is a super game for communication reinforcement. Try it out with your kids!