Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Of My Favorite Language Websites!

If you haven't been a visitor to Multlingual Living yet, race over there now! It is a multitude of resources, tips, expert advice, ideas, and inspiration about raising a multilingual family. The creators of Multilingual Living offer a smart, useful, and inspiring site that just keeps you wanting to learn more. If you are a parent, teacher or bilingual learner yourself, you will most definitely want to sign up for their newsletter. As a teacher and parent myself, I am always looking for ideas, resources, activities and fresh new strategies to keep my children and students bilingual development growing and stimulated!

One of the exciting things that they are doing this summer at Multilingual Living is an impressive language challenge! Children and parents alike have committed to learning Spanish in 101 days. The activities, methods, ideas, and committment have been impressive and so much fun to follow. Maybe you can grab some ideas from their challenge. Check it out!

We Have A Winner!

..... and the winner is..... la ganadora es....

BETH T!!!!

THank you all for your insight and feedback regarding using music to stimulate your child's bilingual development!

If you haven't checked out yet, be sure to visit them. Fantastic products and great music!