Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GoGo Lingo

Have you heard of GoGo Lingo? It is a fun, innovative new site that offers kids' games that teach over 200 words and phrases in Spanish. I especially like the customized progress reports for your individual children. I am very particular about what my children play online and I was very impressed with the safe, ad free environment. The activities were fun, interactive, and age appropriate for both my 4 year old and 7 year old. The audio component is excellent in that it enables children to hear and encourages repetition of the language. I am always an advocate for activities that stimulate the natural learning of a child, and Gogo Lingo is a superb resource! Not only are the games educational and worthwhile, the resources, parent forum, and printable flashcards are a great asset to families and educators focused on bilingual development. Another great resource for teaching children Spanish! Check it out as they have limited time offer now that you can sign up for free. www.goglingo.com

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Diane said...

Great suggestion! When I saw that your kids are the same ages as mine (well, the oldest will be 7 in a few weeks!) I decided to give it a try & sign up for free membership. Waaaay cute! Both of my kids are now learning Spanish in school, so this should be a fun way to support them at home. Can't wait for them to try it.

Diane from foreignlanguagefun.com