Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teach Children Spanish with Holiday Words

As parents and educators trying to incorporate bilingual learning in our children's lives, it is always fun to find fresh ideas for keeping the learning alive. It is fun to take time from the busy holidays to teach kids Spanish using thematic words and phrases. My kids and I made a list of a few Spanish holiday vocabulary words and how we could actively use them. Feel free to share any ideas you may have that might fit with this vocabulary list. Gracias!

diciembre- each day talk about la fecha. Count days on the calendar and say the date ( hoy es el 3 de diciembre).

la tarjeta de Navidad- make a creative Christmas card and send it to a loved one or teacher.

el abrazo- hug your familia each day!

la lista- make a list of things that need to get done, or all the ways you were good this year. Keep lista on the fridge to stay focused.

las luces de Navidad- talk a walk through your neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. Name the colors in Spanish.

los villancicos- Sing or listen to your favorite Christmas carols.

los adornos- help decorate the tree and house with Christmas decorations. Make creative ornaments for the tree.

las galletas- make some Christmas cookies for a neighbor and say "Feliz Navidad".

el regalo- decorate butcher paper and wrap gifts together.

La flor de nochebuena- play I Spy everytime you go to the mall or public places and see how many poinsettas you can count each time.

For more info about Mexican Christmas traditions and lesson ideas, click here.

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