Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Foreign Language Friends

Foreign Language Friends is a web-based language learning process created just for children. Filled with rich multimedia content, this approach will help your children learn a new language almost effortlessly!

This fun, interactive site teaches languages to children through full immersion with a variety of activities, theme based learning, and encourages family participation. As a parent of bilingual children and an educator, I am always very interested in worthwhile, interactive resources that children can use to develop their language skills. Foreign Langauge Friends hits the mark!

My own son enjoyed navigating the site and playing the fun games. It was a great reinforcement of vocabulary and communication that he hasn’t used frequently and a perfect way to peak his interest. One of our Bilingual Fun families tried it out as well and had this to say: “I have been looking for something that would get my son interested in learning Spanish and I think I found it with this website. We worked with the website together in the beginning after 8-10 minutes he took over the mouse and was doing it on his own at his own pass. He really was enjoying it and following right along he said a few times on his own "this is really fun", "ok how about we do this every day at 10:00", and the words I have been waiting for "can we sign up for this?”

Here is what my kids and I really like about Foreign Language Friends:

• the introduction to all the vocabulary words first before beginning games or exercises
• the comparison review ( great reinforcement)
• the length of each section, just the right length of time before kids lose interest
• great graphics that hold attention
• relevant, interesting subject matters
• familiar games like matching game, hangman layout, spelling games, etc
• easy to navigate website
• upbeat, fun music and songs
• opportunities to hear the language and practice speaking, repeating

Visit to learn more about the program and how to sign up! Take advantage of the 7 Day Free Trial to try it out yourself!

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